Roulette Bets

Money Bets are Roulette Bets that Pay the Equivalent of your Original Bet

There are three of these bets on even money on roulette, a color bet, a variant with red and black, a bet on an even and odd number, and a choice between low and high bets, which are 1-18 and 19-36. Even betting on money in any gamble is where the action is mostly focused. This is true for roulette; this is the only casino game that has 3 bets for equal money. Even money bets that have the lowest payout in all casino games; on the other hand, he has the highest probability of winning

These types of roulette include American roulette and European roulette, where 38 numbers are used, since an additional zero is added to 37 numbers. This extra zero in American roulette is double zero. The probability of winning is further reduced and, of course, increases the advantage of the house by 5.75%. This is the reason why European roulette is very popular among all roulette lovers around the world.

Original Bet

The unpredictability of roulette is the main factor why it has reached such popularity in 200 years. The task that he sets overcomes the difficulties of victory. Again and again, players strive to deny the advantage of the house even for a small fraction of its percentage; with this at hand players strive to earn a small figure in monetary terms. However, these small benefits using the formula, if considered effective, can accumulate large benefits over a period of time. And this is another emotion of roulette; the first is guessing the correct winning number.

This is where most players and software developers focus on developing roulette systems, roulette strategies, roulette tactics and techniques, and roulette methods. Developing a proven earnings strategy will mean a lot of money for anyone who can develop such a thing. Many people do not forget the excitement and fun that they get while betting on a roulette wheel. The expectation is high as they watch the small white ball what a thrill! How it stimulates! Playing roulette online casino, now you do not even need to leave your house to get the same pleasure and excitement as in a real casino ts911.


Roulette has a unique feature every time it wins zero. It gives players the opportunity to put half of their bet or leave their bet for the next spin. This applies only to cash rates and is called an option in prison.