Playing Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games: Play For Free

There are tons of online casino game choices for players around the world. Most players want to play for free and win real money without the need of making a deposit. You can achieve this through several ways. The easiest  among the many methods is to take advantage of the bonuses offered by these casinos. You only need to สมัคร w88 for an account and you can already enjoy playing the latest free casino games with no deposit. Most of these games are slots and เกม ตกปลา but there are also table games included.

Playing Online Casino Games

Dr. Winmore

This game is best for players who no longer want the same old 5-reel video slots. Dr. Win more is different and exciting while offering bigger payout opportunities. This game is like most 5-reels that pay from left to right and right to left. What sets this game aside is that it includes payouts from winning combinations going up or down. Adjacent alike symbols are also included in the payout. It offers very high payouts if you manage to string up wins and the multipliers that come with them. The feature bonus of Dr. Winmore is also very unique because of the robots. There are four different types of robots that clear an area in a specific way. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea so you should check it out for yourself.

Vegas Lux

This online casino has a generous pay table. It is a anyway-pay video slot which pays winning combinations from right to left and left to right. There are exactly 720 paylines which is quite a number. Players can also win around 240 free games. A player can start with 8 free games because of 5 “Free Games” in a row. It becomes twice for every free games symbol added. A player receives 8 extra free spins for every symbol over the first 5. The payout remains the same even during the free games. This online casino has no other offers aside from the free spins. You can strike it big with the 720 paylines and the 240 max free games.

Playing free casino games is simple. You have to issue the bonus code provided under the free play offer. You do not have to make any deposits and you can play for free after you register an account. What is even better is that you can win real money through these games. Not every casino offers free games so make sure you check first before you register an account.