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            Fish shooting is a table game that debuted in China way back in 2005. It became a sought-after game in casinos because it adapts motion graphics like in a video game which makes it more engaging. The mechanics of the game is so simple and that is to kill as many fishes as you can. The challenge there is to kill fishes of different kinds and sizes with varying killing difficulties. The prize of each fish that is killed is dependent on its size which also reflects its level of difficulty. Due to these features, it becomes so popular in the casinos within the Pacific rim which then eventually spreads to America in mid-2010. Since then, it is continuously improved by game developers as new computer graphic technology is employed to it along with up-to-date computer programs for seamless gaming.  Below are the following reasons why this game became trendy to the masses.

Earn Real Money

            Just by playing the game, real money can be earned which might be greater than the gamer’s capital. Yes, capital is needed to buy ammunitions to kill fishes particularly the hard ones. But there are also called free credits, which the players could use to play the game for free. It is free because the system will give the new player some pocket virtual money in buying bullets to try out the game first. The player’s earnings can be withdrawn at any time as long as the terms and conditions for the withdrawal option were complied with. Hence, it is important to read the policies of the game first before committing your money. Games like these can be enjoyed by Thai players in Jili เครดิตฟรี.

Fun Theme

            Since fish shooting is a video game type, sharp graphics were used to enhance the users’ experiences that make it memorable for them. Aside from that, entrancing background music is also employed, and this idea is inspired from human psychology wherein the mind of the person is stimulated to play more as it hears the winning cues in the game. Thus, more players are attracted to play this game particularly the adults as the game brings out the inner child in them.


            Although the game’s goal is so simple, the challenge is still there because it involves strategies and requires the skills of the players in hitting. A player must know how to accurately hit the target using a ballpoint tactic to increase the earned points. By doing this, the gamer’s earnings can be doubled or even quadrupled. Therefore, being a keen observer is an advantageous attribute in this game.

Simple to Understand

            The game is so simple to understand. The only complexity is the strategy to be used in shooting the fishes. The terms used and even the features are too plain to comprehend. This is done to attract more gamers who just play for fun.

Good for all Ages

            Unlike any other betting game, fish shooting works for all ages. It unleashes the inner kid in them while earning. It also enhances rapid-eye coordination for adults which is a good eyesight exercise.